Phlebotomy Salary

What To Expect From A Phlebotomy Salary

There are several factors that should be considered, before you can determine an approximate phlebotomy salary. It is true that one of the most rewarding jobs that you can take in the medical field is to become a phlebotomist. Although the pay is not that high, people see that becoming a phlebotomist is an advantage, in order to step in the medical field, because finishing an entire course for phlebotomy will not take too much of your time, before you can start earning decently. In general, an entry-level phlebotomist who does not have much experience yet, is said to earn at least $7 per hour. The number of hours will depend on your employer and the labor demands of the facility you are working from.

Factors That Determines A Phlebotomy Salary

  • Location – the larger is the city where you work as a phlebotomist, the higher is your expected pay. This holds true, especially that the local city government should comply with the current cost of living and the recommended pay of the employees around the place as well.
  • Type of facility – the type of facility you will be working for, will also help you determine the phlebotomy salary you should expect. Normally, private clinics and large urban hospitals will give higher wages to phlebotomists, as compared to the government clinics and public laboratories.
  • Level of experience – the more experienced you are, the higher is your expected salary. Although one can land in a job of a phlebotomist even without enough experience, employers will still opt to hire experienced professionals, because these people will need less supervision from the superiors, and require less training to understand the procedures on how to perform the regular duty of a phlebotomist.

There Is Enough Jobs For A Phlebotomist In The Country

You should not worry when it comes to the demand of these professionals in the medical field. In fact, even rural areas will need such professionals, in order to extract blood for laboratory testing. Therefore, you are sure to have a job to land on, and you can just work your way up, until you reach your desired phlebotomy salary.

How Much Should An Experienced Phlebotomist Expect From His Or Her Salary

Through the years of working as a phlebotomist, you will surely gain more experience and be skilled to perform various jobs that are related to a usual job description of a phlebotomist. Technically, the more skills you learn, the higher is your pay. For an experienced phlebotomist, one can expect to earn as much as $40,000 annually. The figure may still go up, as you progress in the level of being an experienced phlebotomy, or if you decided to venture on obtaining a higher profession in the medical field.

A phlebotomy salary may not be as high as the other medical professional receives. It is also not a job for everyone, as not everybody can withstand seeing blood. Therefore, before thinking on how impressive a phlebotomy salary can be, contemplate first, if this is a job that you can do for a long time.